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Aromas by April

Spa Day Wax Crumble

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New look, same great formula. Our long-lasting wax crumbles are highly scented and can be used repeatedly until no more fragrance remains.

Scent Notes: Lemongrass, Black Current, Sugarcane, Patchouli

To Use:
Use your wooden spoon to scoop the desired amount of crumble into your wax warmer. Once the wax melts, the fragrance will be released.

Scent Throw: Bold 

4 oz. | Luxury Soy Wax | Eco-friendly | Non-toxic | Phthalate Free | Cruelty Free

Customer Reviews

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Smells so good!!!

Ordered my wax crumble and warmer two weeks ago and was absolutely in love once I received it. I can’t stop using it. The name is perfect; genuinely creates a spa day <3